Back to School

It’s back to school time and for the first time in 18 years I am not going back to school.  This is truly such a bazar feeling that I am still trying to process.

I feel that I have been going to school nonstop since I started kindergarten… Literally and now just like that it is over.  The day I kept wishing for is here and it does not seem real!

How can little ole me be done with school and enter into the working world.  I was good at school.  I studied when I needed to.  I did all my projects on time.  I went over and beyond to do my very best anD it’s done!  All my hard work is over… Kind of!

Let’s do a quick timeline to put things into perspective.

Five years ago I was starting my undergraduate studies at the University of Florida.  Thanks to timehop I know it was exactly 5 years ago.  Starting my college career was SCARY! I came from a small hometown where I had been with the same people in every class for 13 years and now I was in classes with 300-400 students who I had no idea who they were.  I was a little tiny fish in a big ocean.  For the first time in my life the teacher did not know who I was and to be honest they could care less who I was or what I did.  My first year at UF was HARD!!!! I struggled in some of my classes… I had to go to professors office hours and get extra help in some classes… I NEVER had to do that before, but it was necessary.  I learned during my first semester in college that I had no clue how to study and the fact that I was in the top of my class in high school no longer mattered.  It was a big learning curve, but I survived.


Three years ago I was embarking on my senior year as an undergrad.  Again thank you timehop!  I was in much smaller classes now because I was in my program instead of the general courses.  I had figured out how to study and I had made lots of new friends.  I would be graduating in December with a bachelors of science in communication sciences and disorders.  A lot of unknowns were happening at this time: GRE testing, applying to grad school, where I would attend grad school, what I would do if I did not get into a grad school, would I have to move…. Just to name a few! I knew I loved what I was studying and I knew that one day I would make a good speech language pathologist (SLP).  I just needed to get the unknowns out of the way first.


And then two years ago I began my graduate studies to be an SLP at the University of Central Florida.  Guess what it was HARD too! A whole new level of HARD and again it was a learning curve.  In my very first class of grad school, which I think was at 8:00AM, our professor said two things that I will never forget… 1. Continue to make time for LIFE.  On the weekends go out and have fun.  Do not let grad school consume your life.  and 2. If you do not wear glasses now you will when you get done with this.  I made sure to get a picture with her at graduation.


So to those of you beginning your undergraduate or graduate studies I want to give you some insight….

  1. It is going to be HARD! You are going to struggle.  It’s okay, you are not alone.  Do not be ashamed to ask for help when you can and just do your very best.
  2. Learn the best way for YOU to study! Everyone studies differently and you have to figure out what works best for you.  It’s a total trial and error thing.
  3. Continue to have a life because when college is over you are going to want to have friends. 🙂
  4. Your name is on EVERYTHING you turn in… Make sure it is your very best work.  Even when you think your professors don’t know you, they do! And one day those professors will be your colleagues.
  5. YOU WILL MAKE IT! When you feel like there is not light at the end of the tunnel, take a deep breathe and know YOU ARE THE LIGHT.


So back to school for me is over and it’s time for this girl to start her career as an SLP.


❤ Britt


First blog post

Eeeek! I am currently writing my first blog post… This is kind of scary.

So I have recently gone through lots of life changes rather quickly: graduating, getting a job, moving, etc. It’s all things that we all do at some point and time, but with these changes I decided I really wanted to start blogging about MY life.

I want to be able to look back on certain times in my life and be able to relive them based on how I was feeling, what I was thinking, where I was at the time, and more.  Having a blog page will allow me to simply share ME!

I hope that through my blog I will help people, inspire people, move people, make people think… I guess this little hometown girl has big dreams.

I have added to the “About Me” section where I tried to quickly sum up who I am, but who can really explain who they are quickly.  I guess you will have to continue to check out my blog to learn more about me and what I am about. 😉

That is all for now….

❤ Britt