3 Things Every Runner Needs

I am actually pretty new to running… Well running constantly anyway.  I’ve completed some 5k runs here and there, but honestly that’s really it.

I decided to make it a goal of mine to sign up for a half marathon in 2016 and to run the half marathon this year in 2017! I am currently embarking on week 7 of my training and there are 3 things that I truly think every runner needs.


Number 1: A good pair of running shoes.

I personally wear Brooks Glycerin 14 and love them, but that doesn’t mean that it is the right shoe for you! I highly suggest going to a store like Fit2Run or Fit Niche to be fitted for the proper shoe.  They will check your pressure points in your feet, watch you run on a treadmill, and suggest the shoe that is best for you.  Brooks have relieved me of some of the pain I was having while running.

Number 2: Headphones that are made to endure sweat.

When I first started training I was wearing my Beats headphones, which are over the ear headphones. They are amazing headphones don’t get me wrong, but they are not the best for running or for sweating.  I am now using AfterShokz Trekz Titanium headphones.  They work through bone conduction leaving the ear canal open for outside sound to be heard.  What the heck does that mean? The head phones sit right over the top of your ear and your music is heard through the vibrations of your bones, environmental noise (i.e. traffic, people, emergency sounds) can all still be heard.  These headphones are created with athletes in mind, so they are sweat proof.

Number 3: A fit band.

My fit band is seriously so useful! It can hold my keys or phone or both really.  No more struggling with where you put your car or house keys when you go for a run.  I have a Spibelt and it works really well! I’ve even used when I’m not running to hold my credit cards and cash when going to theme parks.

I know I am new to running, but these have really helped me during my training and I hope they can help you too!



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