Weekly Meal Prep

Every single Sunday I meal prep for the week. Meal prepping looks differently for everyone, but for me I prep all of my meals on Sunday.

I know that when I get home at night from working all day the last thing I want to do is cook. Heat and eat is so my thing!

I prep a breakfast option for the week and then two meals that I can use for lunch and dinner. Snacks for me are super simple like an apple and cashews.

Here’s what my weekly grocery hauls look like.
I’ve decided instead of retyping other people’s recipes I will just start sharing my photos of the meal and adding the link to where I found the recipe… give credit where credit is due.

Breakfast this week was Paleo Breakfast Casserole by The Paleo Running Momma and mans oh man is it yummy! It was a good switch up from my usual egg cups.

To save time I purchased brussel sprouts and sweet potatoes that were already chopped.


Lunch and dinner options were Chicken Enchilada Casserole and Almost 5 Ingredient Pizza Spaghetti Pie. I’m currently following the Whole30 eating plan, so I didn’t use cheese. For all my 21 Day Fixers out there I would say for the enchiladas it would be great with cheese and also with corn tortillas or even a bowl of rice or beans to go along with it. The spaghetti pie is amazing without cheese, but if you are a cheese lover go ahead and add it, if you are not following Whole30 of course.

For the enchiladas I used a rotisserie chicken and just shredded the chicken to save time. http://swisspaleo.ch/chicken-enchilada-casserole/

I added some Whole30 compliant pepperoni and mushrooms to my spaghetti pie. The pepperonis look burnt, but I promise they aren’t! http://paleomg.com/almost-5-ingredient-pizza-spaghetti-pie/

Once my meals are done I go ahead and portion them out into Tupperware bowls, this way I can just grab and go!

Happy meal prepping y’all!


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