Meal Prep: Week 2 Insanity Max 30

Sorry I have been a little MIA over here! Life gets all kinds of crazy sometimes, but I am back!

Last week I started Insanity Max 30.  On Monday, March 6th the official count down to Punta Cana began with 48 days until I would be walking around in a resort in my bikini which meant…. It was time to get SERIOUS with not only my workouts, but with my nutrition as well.  I have learned that you cannot out work a bad diet BOTTOM LINE!

On Monday I decided to start a new morning routine for ME! After training for my half marathon for 12 weeks I knew getting back into the swing of things was going to be hard, so I wanted to make sure I was setting myself up for success.  I proclaimed my new morning routine by posting it on Facebook for extra accountability.  Here’s what it consists of:


And it has been going AH-MAZING!!!! Okay, but back to my meal plan….

I fall into the lowest calorie bracket for Insanity Max 30, so here is what week 2’s meal plan looked like: 2💜 3💚 4❤️ 2 1💙 1🔶 2

Breakfast: 1❤️ 1/2💚 1💛 1
Egg cups and toast with PB

Lunch: 1 1💚 1💛
Chicken fajitas with corn tortillas

Snack: 1💜1💙
Fruit with cashews

Dinner: 1❤️ 1.5💚
Turkey sausage with veggies
Turkey burger with slaw

Shakeology: 1 1💜 1🔶1
Vegan chocolate with 1/2 banana, chia seeds, and PB

Want the recipes?   Here ya go!

Egg Cups: whisk together 12 eggs, throw in chopped spinach, and this week I added organic salsa.  Quick and easy!

Chicken fajitas: I was inspired by the recipe here, but here’s what I did instead… I threw the veggies in a pan to cook and I added my chicken to the instant pot to cook.  I seasoned my chicken with paprika, cumin, crushed red peppers, salt, and pepper (use whatever seasonings you like), added 1/2 a cup of chicken broth, and cooked it on the poultry setting.  When I am ready to eat this for lunch I will have it with 2 corn tortillas.

Turkey sausage with veggies: I based this meal off of this recipe found here  I personally left out the green beans (they just aren’t my fav) and I did a regular onion instead of purple.  Oh and I also used turkey sausage instead of chicken sausage because I couldn’t find chicken sausage at the store.

Turkey burger with slaw: This was just a last minute thrown in meal for incase I get bored of a meal or incase my meals didn’t make enough (which they didn’t), so yay for having a back up plan.  I personally use “Applegate Organic Turkey Burgers” and I just cooked them in a pan.  I then used a bag of coleslaw mix, 1/3 cup of olive oil, 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar, salt, peeper, and oregano. Adjust those to your likings.

And bam I am ready for week 2 of Insanity Max 30!



❤ Britt