Meal Prep Week 4 of Insanity Max 30

Again better late than never… right?

Week 4’s meal prep looked a little different… I am currently getting bikini ready for a trip I earned through Beachbody.  My boyfriend and I are headed to Punta Cana, so I am pushing hard to totally rock my bikini while we are there.

With that being said I decided to follow the 21 Day Fix Extreme Countdown to Competition meal plan until my trip.  This meal plan is basically carb cycling, so you have 2 super strict days and then one normal eating day.  As always I used the note section of my phone to plan for the week.  Here’s what week 4 looked like:

Normal eating days: 2💜 3💚 4❤️ 2💛 1💙 1🔶 2
Extreme meal plan days: 3💚 6❤️ 1💛 3

Extreme Days – M, T, TH, F
Breakfast: 2❤️ 1 💚 1 💛1
4 egg cups and toast w/ PB
Lunch: 2❤️ 1💚
Salmon and veggies
Dinner: 1❤️ 1💚
Venison and veggies
Shakeology: 1❤️2

Regular Days – W, S
Breakfast: 1❤️ 1/2💚 1💛 1
2 egg cups and toast w/ PB
Lunch: 1❤️ 1💚 1💛 1💙
Lasagna roll ups
Snack: 1💜
Dinner: 1❤️ 1.5💚
Venison and veggies
Shakeology: 1❤️ 1💜 1🔶1
Vegan chocolate with 1/2 banana, chia seeds, and PB

Again I kept it REAL SIMPLE!

Egg cups are like my go to breakfast now.  They are so so so easy to make and I really don’t think you can mess them up.  Just whisk together your eggs, throw in some veggies, pour into a greased muffin tin, and bake for 15-20 minutes at 350 degrees.  I typically will do chopped spinach and organic salsa in my egg cups.

I roasted a big pan of veggies for lunch and dinner.  I did zucchini, squash, broccoli, cauliflower, and cheery tomatoes.  Threw some seasoning on them and put them in the oven to roast.

As far as the salmon goes… I just seasoned it with lemon pepper, squeezed some lemon juice on them, and cooked them in the oven.

For the venison… I just ground that up.  If you don’t have venison just use ground turkey or a lean hamburger meat.

The only meal that took a little work were the lasagna roll ups and even they were not hard to do.  They are so so so so so good! Like you have got to try them! Here is the recipe:

And wa-lah meal prep for the week was done! Don’t over think your meals or your meal prepping!

**I did end up having to cook more fish during the week because I did not buy enough while grocery shopping.



❤ Britt


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