Week 1 of UR

Why the heck did I decide to give the Ultimate Reset (UR) a try?

  • I was having severe heart burn nearly every day and couldn’t figure out what was causing it.
  • I was taking B12 everyday in order to have energy to get through the work day… I was work 8:30-7:00 as an SLP with kids and I was just plain tired.
  • A lot of foods were causing me to bloat, but I couldn’t narrow down which ones were causing it.
  • TMI on this one, but I was having terrible gas.
  • I was basically having hot flashes while I slept… waking in the morning to a puddle of sweat.

So I had a TON of reasons to give the UR a try… It was my last option before seeking extensive test to see what was going on with my body.  I knew my body was out of whack and it needed to be reset. What better way to reset than with the UR?

This plan is VERY VERY VERY regimented as fas as when you should take each supplement, how long you wait to eat and drink, it tells you exactly what to eat, and all that jazz… I really don’t want to waste time talking about all of that, I’d rather share with you my takeaways and share some photos of my meals.

Recap one week one:

  • I HATED the Power greens… tasted straight up like grass and hay mixed together.  I would hold my nose and chug.
  • I did not mind taking the daily capsules.
  • I LOVED the variety of food I was having.  I tried lots of new recipes.
  • I was drinking a TON of water and going to the bathroom A LOT.
  • Meal prep was LONG, EXHAUSTING, and OVERWHELMING, but… I am so glad I prepped for the entire week because if not I know I would have failed with my busy work schedule.
  • After just one week I had lost 4.8 pounds.
  • My energy levels were already up.
  • My skin was looking clearer and healthier.
  • I did not experience ANY food cravings.

Here are some of the photos I took during week one from grocery shopping, to meal prepping, to the meals I ate in a day.  The meal prep is huge because my mom and I did it together.


Week 1 I spent the most money grocery shopping, but you are having to get a lot of oils and spices that will last your for the whole 21 days.  I’m pretty certain I spent like $120 on groceries for the week.  You are having to buy a lot of fresh foods and not even going to lie some of them were really hard to find.

Overall week one was a success and I was really proud of myself.


❤ Britt


What is the Ultimate Reset?

I researched the Ultimate Reset (UR) A LOT before diving in! I read blogs, followed other’s on social media who were doing the UR, read about it on Beachbody, lots and lots and lots of research.

The UR is a 21 day cleanse where you are eating all real foods and taking daily supplements.  It is NOT a juice cleanse, a fasting cleanse, or a running to the bathroom constantly cleanse! There are MANY reasons why people choose to complete the Ultimate Reset.

The program is broken down into three phases: Phase 1 – Reclaim, Phase 2 – Release, and Phase 3- Restore.

During week 1 or the Reclaim Phase you will slowly remove foods from your diet such as red meats, eggs, and dairy products.  These foods are known for being hard on people’s stomachs, so you will slowly get rid of them and go vegan for two weeks.

During week 2 or the Release Phase you will get rid of all the crap (pun intended) that is in your body. You will be eating whole grains, fruits, and veggies during this phase.

Finally, during week 3 or the Restore Phase you will be eating mostly fruits and veggies in order to put optimal nutrients, enzymes, and pre- and probiotics back into your body.

Each week you will use different supplements and I will break all of that down in subsequent posts along with my thoughts, feelings, and more from each week of the reset.

Maybe you are wondering WHY I decided to do this reset… I will cover that in my week 1 post.

If you have any questions about this or you are looking to give it a try I would love to chat with you about it.  Feel free to shoot me a message.


❤ Britt

It’s been super quiet, sorry!

Hey y’all!!! Sorry it’s been so quiet over here life kinda got the best of me, but I am back!!!

A lot has happened while I was gone and I promise I will catch everyone up!

So I finished Insanity Max:30 right before I headed to Punta Cana for a Beachbody Success Club trip.  Here were my final results:


Basically Beachbody takes coaches EVERY year on a paid for vacation to reward them for all their hard work.  Not just every coach get’s to go you have to EARN the trip!!! This was my boyfriend and I’s first vacation alone and it was absolutely amazing! Here are some pictures from the trip.

We also got to experience live workouts with celebrity trainers. I worked out with Autumn Calabrese maker of 21 day Fix, 21 Day Fix Extreme, The Master’s Hammer and Chisel, Fixate, and Country Heat.  I also had the privilege to workout with Beachbody’s newest trainer Chris Downing…. talk about AH-MAZING!!! He was seriously so motivating and inspiring during the workout that I cannot wait for his program “Shift Shop” to release in July.

When I got back from Punta Cana I dove right into doing the Ultimate Reset.  I will make several separate posts to update you all on that.

As of Monday (6/5/2017) I started Insanity: The Asylum which is a 30 day program created by Shaun T.  I will keep y’all updated on that as well.


❤ Britt