Nightstand DIY

This is my most recent DIY project.  I will be adding some of the other ones I completed before my move.

I love DIYing because it saves money and to be honest I really don’t like “new”.  I love the old and repurposed look.

I purchased this piece from a vintage shop when I moved to attend grad school 2 years ago. I loved the color because it matched my bedding.  I did not have any other bedroom furniture because my apartment was furnished. When I prepared to move to my new apartment I had to get furniture.  I found a dresser that I LOVED from the same vintage shop, but my nightstand didn’t match as well as I had hoped.  My nana redid a nightstand she had to match my dresser (it was my graduation gift), so this nightstand definitely had to be redone.


I first applied primer on the nightstand because in a few spot the paint was peeling off.  I just did a quick coat of the primer and let it dry.


Once the primer was dry I applied the white paint.  It is Valspar Antique White.  It required two coats to fully cover the blue.  The drawer was painted with Valspar Bayside.  **Tip: To save money just use the $3 sample paint. 🙂


I let the paint dry for 24 hours.  And then it was time to distress it.  The other two pieces in my room were distressed with sandpaper, so that’s what I was going to do until… I realized the nightstand had several coats of paint under that blue and the sandpaper technique was NOT going to work.  It was time to improvise.


I ran to Lowe’s and got the $3 sample paint in Valspar Fired Earth.  My tip for not using too much paint when giving the distress look is to dip your paint brush and then get most the paint off where very little is left.  If you use too much paint the distressed technique will not work and you will end up with blobs of paint.

Once the brown paint dried I finished the piece with a protective clear coat.


Oh and the handle was spray painted.


Here is the final product!!! I absolutely love how it turned out!  It looks great in my room as well. 🙂

❤ Britt